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Urban Company water filter Repair Services

  1. Installation/Uninstallation: you can use FAIDEPRO's skilled water filter installation and uninstall services. You can hire our experts to install your new water filter system in your home or remove your water filter in case of renovation or changeover.

  2. Service: Daily servicing is important if you want your water filter system to perform properly and last a long time. During the operation, our experts will disinfect the water pipes, the water filter system and the tank. For any defective parts, they will be substituted shortly after the permission has been received. This will help you preserve your water filter and clean water for years to come.

  3. Inspection/Repair: If you have trouble with your water filter system, you can use our inspection and repair facilities. Our experts will conduct a full check-up of your water filter system to check for any clogged or broken parts.


  1. We offer the lowest price guarantee: we at FAIDEPRO offer our water filter replacement services at the lowest price. We also give a 30-day warranty policy that guarantees that you do not have to pay anything if your water filter creates complications within 30 days of the launch of our services.

  2. We are a Trusted Brand in India: FAIDEPRO has a rigorous selection procedure to register service providers for all forms of services. Our experts are well educated and have adequate expertise in the field. We also carry out background checks on service providers and validate their credentials to ensure that our consumers can fully trust our professionals.

  3. We sell high-quality supplies and spare parts: We are committed to delivering high-quality services to our valued customers.